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High Fashion Meets High Tech

A common question we get is about the thickness of lenses. Thickness depends on a number of factors, including the strength of your prescription, the shape of your frames, and the type of lens material used. But, new high index lens materials are available to minimize thickness.

All of our lenses are made with the latest technology, and we offer extremely light and thin lens materials. Our experienced opticians will work with you to choose the perfect lens and frame size. We want you to leave looking and feeling your best.

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Types of Lenses

There are many different types of lenses. Our experienced opticians will help you select the best lenses for your prescription:

  • Bifocal Lenses: If you need to see well at a variety of distances, bifocal lenses contain 2 prescriptions to help you do just that.
  • High Index and Aspheric Lenses: Thinner and lighter than your average lens. If you have a stronger prescription and are worried about thickness, these might be for you.
  • Progressive Lenses: Seamless focus at different distances is what you’ll get when your lenses contain multiple prescriptions.


How Can Neurolens Take the Pressure Off?

Eye misalignment is when the eyes don’t line up or focus on the same object. Even minor misalignment can decrease vision quality or cause discomfort. Misalignment can add pressure on the trigeminal nerve (a complex nerve responsible for head and neck sensations).

With eye misalignment, you may experience:

  • Eye strain
  • Headaches 
  • Eye fatigue
  • Neck strain
  • Motion sickness
  • Dry eye sensations

Neurolenses feature a contoured prism design to help correct alignment and relieve pressure. The specialty lenses are customized to your individual measurements to enhance the comfort and accuracy of your vision correction.

Computer Glasses

A pair of computer glasses might help to reduce digital eye strain. Modern, screen-based devices emit blue light, a type of visible light that isn’t as easily focused as regular light. The impacts of blue light exposure can be mitigated by a blue-light blocking coating on your lenses.

Computer glasses can be helpful for those who spend regular time in front of digital devices. They reduce the amount of focusing your eyes need to do when using screens. They can be particularly helpful for those with presbyopia.

These glasses differ from traditional reading glasses and are optimized to provide proper magnification for your digital devices. They have roughly 60% of the magnifying power of reading glasses and are made to suit your workstation. 

We take the distance you prefer to sit from your screen into consideration when deciding on the perfect magnification, providing you with a truly custom design.

Luxury Is For Lenses Too

Luxury isn’t just for frames. McCulley Optix Gallery offers only the best in optical lenses.

Our lenses always come with a range of treatments including anti-glare, anti-scratch, and UV protection.

We know you’ll love your lenses. That’s why we provide a 1 year warranty against breakage and scratches.

Book an appointment and let us show you what personalized eyewear service looks like!

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Founded in 1972, Shamir Optical Industry Ltd. is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of high-quality progressive lenses. Famous for its Innovation, Technological Sophistication and rigorous Quality Assurance practices, Shamir is known for its quick response to changing consumer demands, and its ability to fill custom-design, private label product range orders.

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