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Children develop visual skills in the same way they develop other skills like walking and talking. Just like physiotherapy is often used for other parts of the body, vision therapy is used to help the brain and eyes work together as a team.

If visual skills do not develop properly, your child might experience difficulty in school, sports, and in life. Vision therapy is more than just eye exercises—it’s an evidence-based practice that aims to re-train visual skills.

Dr. McCulley has studied vision therapy extensively. The program she developed is focused on children’s visual and learning needs. To determine if your child needs vision therapy, book an appointment with Dr. McCulley and Dr. Motacek today.

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What Happens During Vision Therapy?

Vision therapy begins with an exam with Dr. McCulley. Please note that this exam is not a replacement for a comprehensive eye exam. It is strongly recommended that an up-to-date exam take place to assess ocular health before the vision therapy testing.

The vision therapy test will include visual acuity, eye muscle tests, depth perception, and a focusing evaluation. All of the tests are like playing games and should not hurt your child at all. Most kids say the tests are fun!

The exam and testing will last approximately 1 hour.  We recommend both parents attend this appointment in order to fully understand the test results and doctor’s recommendations. Please note that siblings are often a distraction, so we require that no siblings accompany the child.

If we determine that your child has an eye-focusing or eye-movement delay that could be helped through vision therapy, we will tailor a program to their specific needs. Monthly in-office evaluations will be complemented by at-home work, facilitated by the parent or guardian.

Typical therapy programs take between 6 and 9 months, depending on the child’s needs and the pace of their progress.


Three forms must be completed in their entirety in order to begin vision therapy. Please bring them to your appointment. They can be downloaded below:


If you notice any of the following issues, vision therapy may be right for you:

  • Confuses visually similar words
  • Difficulty judging distances
  • Distracted by background sounds
  • Confuses right and left directions
  • Poorly spaced or crooked writing
  • Loses place while reading

A full list of symptoms is available for download:

Treat The Visual Side Of Learning

The goal of vision therapy is to improve your child’s quality of life. Book an appointment for vision therapy today.

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