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Someone uses a blue micro-fiber cloth to clean their glasses

Eyeglasses can get dirty or smudged from oily fingers, makeup, moisturizers, or dirt from everyday handling. Cloudy glasses can make it difficult to see through the lenses, which contradicts the reason for wearing glasses in the first place. 

It is important to clean your glasses properly so that you don’t scratch them, permanently damaging the lens or frame. Safe products like glasses wipes can be a great way of cleaning your glasses without risking damage

You probably want your glasses to last for a few years, and proper care and cleaning can help. Keep reading for a few recommendations on how to properly clean your glasses from our team.

How to Clean Your Glasses 

Here is an easy step-by-step guide on how you can clean your glasses frames and lenses at home: 

Gather Your Supplies 

The first step to cleaning your eyeglasses is to prepare all your supplies in advance. You will likely need a microfibre cloth and cleaning solution. Microfiber cloths are great at removing smudges and dirt without leaving streaks. 

Wash Your Hands 

Before cleaning your glasses, we recommend washing your hands with warm water and soap. It will help prevent bacteria on your hands from transferring to your glasses. 

Use Warm Water

Gently run warm water over your glasses to help remove any built-up dirt and dust that might be on the frame and lenses. If you live in an area with hard water, we recommend using water that has been distilled. 

Wipe Using a Microfiber Cloth

After running water over your glasses, use your microfiber cloth to wipe the frames and lenses down to remove the excess water. 

Use Cleaning Solution

Spray some of your cleaning solution on both lenses and use the microfiber cloth to wipe over them, removing dirt, bacteria, and dust.

A man holding his pair of glasses while cleaning them with a microfiber cloth.

What to Avoid When Cleaning Glasses

Cleaning your glasses can be challenging when the wrong materials are involved. Here are a few things to avoid using when cleaning your glasses:

Tissues or Paper Towels

One of the most common mistakes is people using paper towels, toilet paper, tissues, and the fabric of their shirts to clean their glasses. These materials are too coarse and can lead to minor scratches on your glasses, which reduces the clarity of your lenses over time.

Window Cleaners

It’s important to keep your glasses away from window cleaners like Windex. Window cleaners have harsh chemicals that can damage lenses and any coating on them. It can also damage your frames.  


Avoid using products with acetone when it comes to cleaning your glasses. Acetone is too powerful a chemical to use on your glasses, and it can permanently damage the lenses and frame if left on for too long. Nail polish is an excellent example of a product that uses this chemical. Other chemicals like alcohol and household glass cleaners can be equally damaging to your eyeglasses.  


Saliva is full of bacteria that will transfer onto your glasses if you try to use it for cleaning. You may even make the smudges worse by using your spit. 

Tips for Taking Care of Your Glasses

Glasses can be one of the most essential tools to complete daily tasks like driving, reading, or working. Here are a few tips to help keep your glasses in great shape. 


Storing your glasses carefully is important for keeping them in good shape. We recommend using a hardshell case that will help to keep your glasses protected if you toss them in your purse or bag. If you aren’t putting glasses in a case, we recommend setting them down in a safe place with the lenses facing up.

If Your Glasses Are Damaged

We do not recommend fixing any scratches or chips in your glasses by yourself. Take your glasses to your optometrist if you fear they may be losing clarity or damaged, and have them help you find a replacement. 

How Do I Get Glasses?

If you are having difficulties with your vision, whether it be reading a book or driving at night, glasses might be a great solution. Here are some things to know about getting a pair of glasses: 

Schedule an Eye Exam

The first step to getting a pair of glasses is making an appointment with your eye doctor for an eye exam.

During the exam, your optometrist will perform a series of tests to evaluate your vision and check your ocular health. Some of the common conditions that might require glasses include:

If you believe you are experiencing any of these vision conditions, book an appointment with your optometrist. They can determine the prescription needed for your condition.

Once you’ve completed your eye exam and you’ve received your prescription, you can look for a pair of glasses that suit your needs. At McCulley Optix Gallery, we have a large selection of well-crafted and sleek frame designs that may be perfect for your style. 

Eye Care & Eyewear in West Fargo

Our friendly staff at McCulley Optix Gallery can address any vision concerns and help you look for your next pair of glasses—book an appointment online to get started.

Written by McCulley Optix Gallery

Whether you or your child needs an eye exam, a contact lens fitting, or you have an eye emergency, McCulley Optix Gallery can assist. Maybe you just need some fabulous frames. In that case, we’ll help you select great glasses that will help you put your best foot—and vision— forward!
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