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As you get ready in the morning, you pick out your clothes, do your hair, apply your perfume or cologne, and then add the finishing touch: your glasses. Frames aren’t just a practical accessory; they can be an extension of your style. If you’ve been wearing the same pair from last year with an outdated prescription to match, it’s time for an update.

Glasses shouldn’t be an afterthought. Just like watches, shoes, or jewelry, investing in a few pairs of glasses for different occasions makes it easy to switch up your style, be bold when you want to, or understated when the mood strikes.

McCulley Optix Gallery carries premium eyewear brands that design frames with trendy styles and classic shapes for whatever draws your eye.

Wire Frames

Available in many shapes, most people are familiar with classic aviators or wayfarers, but you can also go bold with cat-eye, oval, or rounded shapes in various colors and patterns. Metal frames are minimalist and subtle. They make a face look naked compared to bold plastics or acetate.

For modern titanium frames, McCulley Optix Gallery carries Zero G glasses. Lightweight and comfortable, you can choose from colorful styles, geometric shapes, or half-rims. Oliver Peoples designs vintage-inspired, timeless frames easily adaptable to work and leisure.

Round Frames

Circular frames are a retro style popularized by the creatives, artists, and musicians of the past. They can draw attention to your brows or contrast your rectangular or square face shape. There is a round frame for everyone! It just takes trying on a couple of frames, and a great optician.

For ultimate drama, Alain Mikli designs quirky and brilliant round frames to channel your inner creativity. Lafont frames exude a delicate take on the round frame for those who crave distinctive styles with a classic flair.

Clear Acetate

Clear acetate frames are subdued and soft and accentuate your face. They’re one of the most versatile styles since you don’t have to worry about color coordinating, and their simplicity lets you experiment with bold shapes with forgiveness.

Tiffany & Co. reimagines the clear optical trend with transparent frames in classic shapes and designs that infuse a hint of pastels.


Tortoiseshell has been popular for years, and it’s not going anywhere. Anyone with a glasses collection knows that tortoiseshell is a wardrobe staple. The style is universally flattering, and with a wide variety of designs, this classic is never dull.

Almost all of our brands carry tortoiseshell frames, so you’re bound to find the perfect frame for your personality. Whether you love the traditional look or want a contemporary spin, tortoiseshell has plenty of options.

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Oversized Frames

Bigger lenses aren’t just for sunglasses. Full coverage statement frames make an impact. Dainty wire or thin pastel acetate look soft, while thick frames and bold shapes demand attention.

At McCulley Optix Gallery, our oversized styles are varied for workwear and weekends. We carry several brands of oversized frames, like Prodesign and Oliver Peoples, that offer playful oversized glasses for whimsical wear. 


Thick-rimmed styles aren’t just for the bookish. They’re bolder, bigger, and stand out from the crowd. If you love to make your glasses your most prominent accessory, thick-rimmed designs are a statement piece.

Costa Ophthalmic has a variety of modern, thick-rimmed frames for everyone. Oliver Peoples experiment with colors and patterns in angular shapes for more daring options.

How to Choose the Right Glasses

The perfect pair of glasses emphasize the features you love without hiding your face. Some essential tips for choosing the right glasses for your face include:

  • Know your face shape: If you’re confused about your face shape, ask a friend, your hairdresser, or our optician to help guide your browsing
  • Choose your glasses around your closet: Finding a pair that complements your existing wardrobe and style is more important than following a trendy color or pattern.
  • Think about your glasses like they are shoes: Do you wear your glasses to work or mainly on the weekend? For driving or for on the go? If your lifestyle is varied, you can create a capsule wardrobe of glasses to have a comfortable, appropriate pair for any occasion.
  • Treat glasses like jewelry: Your glasses are practical, but they’re an essential feature of your style, and just like you would take care of your jewelry or watch collection, your glasses should be well-cared for with cleaning, adjustments, and repair when needed.
  • Use McCulley Optix Gallery’s complementary personal shopping service: Facing several walls of glasses can be intimidating, so having our expert optician in your corner can make the shopping experience more enjoyable. We also offer an online option where you can pick out your favorite frames from your phone, then visit our office to try them on and pick the best pair!

Upgrade Your Glasses in West Fargo

Start your eyeglass shopping off right. Take our personalized glasses survey to narrow your search, and let our dedicated opticians help you find your next pair of fashionable frames.Having new frames is a start, but the lens prescription must also be current. Schedule a comprehensive eye exam with McCulley Optix Gallery to assess your vision and ensure your glasses do their job.

Written by McCulley Optix Gallery

Whether you or your child needs an eye exam, a contact lens fitting, or you have an eye emergency, McCulley Optix Gallery can assist. Maybe you just need some fabulous frames. In that case, we’ll help you select great glasses that will help you put your best foot—and vision— forward!
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